Since I can remember, I have always release my creativity of my soul into world through design. Fueled by this passion I graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology and designed fashion in New York City for more than 10 years.  Design became my right arm and style became my left.  It was embedded in everything I did.  So, it was no surprise when it transformed into my true calling of fashioning the interiors of homes in New York City.  The combination of my fashion background created a unique backdrop for my interior spaces to convey a style of tailored- eclectic- modern- coziness.

Living in New York City allowed me to truly respect all the space you may reside in. Compared to the rest of the country, New York City apartments and houses are small.  However, its in these bite size apartments and house, I have discovered you can create grand style.  I love transforming these city dwellings into an open, functional, graceful, stylish home. With artfully and calculated planning a 300sqft home could give you everything you need and more. I treat every square footage like GOLD. This is the designer I am.  It is my pleasure to take on the responsibility of conveying your true function, style, and comfort into what every square footage you may have.