More About ME

"Where ever you may live you make it reflect the best of you and make sure it maintains its natural ease and flow, so you can have that in your life also" - My mother-

Best Known for:

Having a infectious laugh.  Traveling around the world. Understanding and Designing for small spaces.  Innovative and Inspiring my clients.   Believes everyone should live a 24 Karat life.  Constantly saying: "If your floor was covered in gold bars-  would you put that there,  would you live like this?   Keen eye and detail oriented.  Loves to paint and I love a good latte. Will say: "I'm a forever student of life."

Inspired by:

Nature, Nature and more Nature. It has everything I need from color, texture, lighting and feeling.  Fashion: women, and menswear . Men's, for the simplicity but sharp detail and subtle prints.  Women's for textures, bold use of color and new ways of treating fabrics.  My secret inspiration is Sci-Fi and Animation. The endless world of imagination and innovation.

Prior Lives:

Graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in Fashion Design and International Trade and Marketing. Worked in the fashion industry of New York City for 10 years as a designer.  Designed for brands like Pierre Balamin, Dennis Basso,  Adidas, Reebok, and Nike.  Designed everything from fur and leather coats to shoes and handbags.  Styled fashion and Interiors for magazines and businesses.  Created a web lifestyle magazine called Jill Mag that highlighting international designers.